Helping merchants in Africa thrive.

With Kostoma, you can monitor people and sales better from a simple business intelligence dashboard.

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Branch Management

Share and manage information easily and quickly between different branches, departments and teams.

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Inventory Management

Manage your physical or digital products and services using the Kostoma inventory module to keep selling to your favorite customers.

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Attendance Management

Track employee work hours on jobs, projects, customers and campaigns. Our employee time clock is easy to use for smooth implementation. The Kostoma app has a GPS location feature stamps with maps display to let you know where employees are during work hours.

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Reward your employees using our payroll module. Explore all the payroll features you need to start, run, and grow your business.

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Staff Management

Manage employees and field workers with Kostoma.

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Multi-Business Feature

Do you have two or more businesses? Is tracking day-to-day sales very difficult? Kostoma lets you paperlessly manage all your branch offices, warehouses, factories and stores from the comfort of your office or anywhere in the world.

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Grow your business

We believe that people, productivity and profits are essential to every business. We built Kostoma to help you manage your people effectively and measure their productivity without stress.

Manage People and Sales

Kostoma is an end-to-end solution which makes it super-easy for business managers to manage sales and employee records.

Manage Everything

Track like a boss, from visitors to employee attendance, sales and productivity. With a smartphone and the installed Android app, your employees can easily sign-in from any location around the world while you monitor their presence within the defined area through realtime notification.

How it works

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